Marketing Department

Bring your product to the world!

Export Product Merchandise Retail Quality Concept

We will support you as your Japanese business partner. We conduct various research, including sales and trends within Japanese markets, and we develop business networks.
With our wide experience of import-trading business, our company has the latest trend data of products in Japanese market.
We can suggest more effective product lineups based on advantages and disadvantages of expanding business within the Japanese market.
Also, we can conduct actual test marketing with using our sales channels to make it easier to advance into Japanese market.

We can suggest a business plan specifically focusing on the Japanese market.
We will provide you with an optimal business plan filled with our know-how on how to expand your products in the Japanese market. As we have various online/offline sales channels, we can suggest a business plan that is different from other company’s.
This will contribute to maximizing your profit and enhancing your brand image.