Not as a client, but as your partner.


We strictly select only ONE company as a partner in ONE industry.

We don’t deal with many manufactures.

We follow this partnership rule because we wish to provide unique products to the market and share the excitement with end-users as much as possible.

Dealing with products from many manufactures in one industry would mean we would provide weak support to the each individual product.

We know how much creators are into their products, and we believe they deserve to get the appropriate price using our sales methods.

We respect each product and share passion and fondness with the manufactures we select.

Export Product Merchandise Retail Quality Concept

One Company in One Industry


As a while company, we establish a concrete system in order to support and promote the product. This will be an optimal environment to increase the sales steadily in the Japanese market.

We do not consider a manufacturer as a client, but as our partner that we can share the passion for products in an equal relationship.

That is why we enter a sole agency agreement with a manufacture, not being “one of the agencies”.
Our client support team is ready to help you develop in the Japanese market.