Achievements of our partners and ourselves.

越後屋 × HAUEL Enterprise

HAUEL Enterprise belongs to越後屋 (Echigoya): official trading team which many import sale companies belong to.

The Echigoya group has strong business connections to many overseas manufactures and deals with import sales in Japan. It obtains exclusive marketing rights in Japan under the sole agency contract.
We develop various sales channels considering each product’s features.


Introducing Our Partners



XTAR (official distributor)

Handling commodities : Battery and charger, LED lights

Succeeded in business dealing with a Japanese major camera manufacture (listed on the stock exchange) in the first year.

We used our own network and did online sales at Amazon and Rakuten, as well as offline sales to major Japanese retail stores. This lead to raising profits to 1 million yen.



Lifeline USA (official distributor)

Handling commodities : Sports and fitness products

Since starting domestic sales, we achieved a 3 million yen profit increase in just two months.

We took unique approaches, such as corroborating with a popular YouTubers.This garnered much media attention and resulted in a dramatic increase in brand publicity.




Kilovest (official distributor)

Handling commodities : Tote bags

Succeeded in branding of “SiliBAG®”; tote bags made of silicone in Japan by doing close market research.

We have increased sales to 5 million yen within two months.

We are currently improving the degree of recognition of the product by attending Japan’s largest exhibition in Tokyo.



Win Space (official distributor)

Handling commodities : Sports bike and accessories

Due to the high unit price, sales promotion is not easy in sports bike industry. Despite this, we have already sold to over 30 fitness stores.

We succeeded in improving the degree of recognition by the positive results of store merchandising.





Fei-Yu Tech (official distributor)

Handling commodities : camera, smartphone gimbals

Japanese customers were not familiar with gimbals for smartphone when we started dealing the products. However, we have now successfully expanded its sales channels.

Fei-Yu Tech became one of the most popular manufactures. We pulled off a deal with the Apple store here in Japan.

The sales volume has been increasing steadily.




DJI (official distributor)

Products : Drones and accessories

Due to our Online/Offline strategies, DJI turns one of the largest sales volumes among drone manufactures.