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Walk with you, as a partner.

We will be your best business partner in Japan. By following our partnership rule, “One Company in One genre”, we will lead you to success in Japanese market. We will deliver exciting products to end-users by using our strong and unique connections.

Unique networks; you will never find at other enterprises.

Delivering exciting products to as many people as possible through our unique networks.
Online + Offline approach will take your products to the places where they can be shiner in Japanese market, and that will lead to sales increase.

Import Sales Department

We import products from overseas enterprises and sell them at Japanese market. We work hard to increase the sales by using our own business channels.



We shall support you in expanding your products in the most effective way. We also provide test marketing and suggest business plans.


Human Resource Development (HRD)

We develop professionals in import business field, including trading and marketing. With our unique networks, we train high competence agents who you cannot find in the other companies.


Bring “Waku-Waku” (excitement) to the Japanese market.

The Japanese market desperately wants your products.

The Japanese market is always seeking a “kick”. People are waiting to receive your unique products in their hands!

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    Delivering excitement to the hands of everyone.

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    Not as a client, but as your partner.

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